improved health, performance and quality of life for your animal.

our mission is to help your animal achieve optimum health, performance and happiness by ensuring their bodies are functioning at their best.


*Please note: Due to having young children, I do not hold an annual practicing certificate with the NZ Chiropractic Board for the year 2022. Please contact me with any queries.

your animal will receive fully qualified, professional chiropractic care. Based in Rotorua, we can also offer a mobile service to make sure your animal is comfortable and is checked in a relaxing environment.

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equinox animal chiropractic can help:

  • Lameness/pain
  • Stiffness
  • Changes in gait/movement
  • Changes in temperament or personality
  • Changes or trouble with toileting
  • Postural changes
  • Decreased performance
  • Poor coordination
  • Difficulty grooming
  • Avoidance behaviours

equinox animal chiropractic offers a range of techniques to help your animal.  As well as manual and instrument adjusting techniques, we offer CMRT and acupressure release.

Chiropractic Manipulative Release Technique (CMRT)
This is a hands-on soft tissue technique that deals with the connection between the spine and the internal organs.  CMRT includes correcting nervous system signals to the organs, adjusting the position of internal organs, and adjusting the fascia and other organ-related structures.  The nervous system correction required to return an organ to normal function involves some form of spinal adjusting as well as reflex adjusting.