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used for many health and performance problems, chiropractic care focuses on the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and its effect on the entire nervous system.

chiropractic practice is a safe, gentle and effective option to improve the function of the spine.  Commonly thought to correct a ‘bone out of place’, it actually helps spinal function by improving the motion of a joint and flow of information through nerves of the body.

When a joint is unable to move properly it can lead to muscle imbalances, neurological impairment and add extra stress to the other joints of the body.  If this is present, it may show up as signs of pain, changes in posture, gait or temperament, decreased performance, or just a general lack of wellbeing.

Applying a gentle chiropractic adjustment to the specific joint that has decreased motion can restore proper movement, relax muscles and have pain relieving effects*.  As a result of this, you and your animal could be happier and healthier; there can also be an improvement in competitive performance and prevention of injury and lameness occurring in the future.

Qualified chiropractors are specifically trained to locate and correct these abnormal joints, as well as knowing when to refer out for conditions that aren’t treatable through chiropractic adjustments.


*Teodorczyk-Injeyan, Injeyan & Ruegg. (2006) Spinal manipulation therapy reduces inflammatory cytokines but not substance P production in normal subjects.  J Manipulative Physiol Therapy. 29(1):14-21



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